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Arts To Hearts Project Is Dedicated To Create A Safe & Inclusive Space For Artists. Creating Community, Providing Support, Opportunities & Resources. Our mission is to help artists navigate their career & life as a creative.

Helping fellow artists is our passion. Our goal is to create a welcoming community through our initiatives.

About The Creator

Charuka Arora

Charuka Arora is an artist, designer, entrepreneur and the founder of Arts To Hearts Project. She has a passion for Arts + Design and creating meaningful communities and opportunities. Charuka, has been running her independent creative studio for over 3 years and also works as a creative consultant for businesses.

In her span of career, Charuka found that there aren't enough accessible options and opportunities for emerging and new entrants in the industry. And, a lack of transparency and platforms for peer connections. Hence, she decided to pursue ArtsToHeart as an initiative to take a step forward in this direction.

To learn more about Charuka, please visit
www.charukaarora.com and find her on instagram

Meet The Team

Aradhita Maheshwari

Is a graduate in Liberal Arts and Humanities with a major in Visual Arts & International Business.

Akansha Verma

Is a graduate in journalism and mass communications.