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5 Contemporary Ceramic Artists That Will Inspire You With Their Bright & Vivid Imagination

Ceramics as an art form has been practiced since ancient times, but, due to its recent surge in popularity, it has become impossible to visit a museum or gallery without coming across at least one piece of ceramic artwork.

Due to its immense popularity, many ceramic artists are now making their way in the world of art by creating true artistic wonders out of clay and porcelain and these wonders are now being acknowledged as an original piece of artwork. These creations are so stunningly lovely and beautiful that you will find it difficult to take your eyes away from them.

And this thought prompted us to share with you 5 contemporary ceramic artists from the Arts to Hearts community that will inspire you with their bright & vivid imagination in this week’s feature article.

So read on to learn about the artists and their art.

Lilly Reid (@lillyreidceramics)

Lilly Reid is Entirely self-taught, she has been working with ceramics since she can remember. First discovering the joys of clay whilst playing in the farmer’s fields her mother kept her horses. She would entertain herself by sculpting animals out of the raw clay and allowing the sun to dry each piece. Little did she know this would become her lifelong obsession.

Later in life, she adapted her artistic skills into a 15-year career within the digital industry, directing a team of independent website designers and developers and creating one of the industries leading multinational, white label digital agencies. Although successful, she never fully felt fulfilled in the day-to-day and would often return to her passion for ceramic sculpture, studying every aspect (from mass production to modern techniques) as a hobby.

In 2019 she decided to take the plunge and focus her spare time creating a range of small ceramic gifts to sell at the local artisan markets. She has been blessed to find a strong client base, who has been keen to see her sculptural forms evolve into the gallery range she offers today.

Lilly describes her work as, “my work is an accumulation of my childhood, my love of the ceramics industry, and the encouragement received from the wonderful artisan community”.

Jessamyn Go (@femmesole)

Jessamyn Go, the founder of Femme Sole, is an Asian American visual artist born in New York City. Jessamyn attended New York University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Studio Art. This past Spring, Jessamyn exhibited at the 1000 Vases group exhibition during Art Paris (Paris, France). Her ceramic work features natural earth tones and recurring minimalist biomorphic forms which are an exploration of the materials she uses. Each vessel encapsulates female human energy in union with nature’s five elements, Earth, Water, Wood, Metal, and Fire.

Jessamyn describes her work as, “My process of creation is a meditative practice of expression with the pottery wheel as one of my instruments.  The vibration of the low hum and spin of the wheel allows me to fall into a hypnotic-like state where I can harness the inner physical energy that is expressed in each vessel.  I explore the boundaries with various clay bodies by pulling height, stretching, and constricting the vessel walls to create curvaceous biomorphic forms.  Each vessel is unique depending on how the material will allow me to sculpt, they are the impressions of my energy transferred into the clay.”

Tiffany Leach (@tifleach_ceramics)

Tiffany Leach is a studio ceramic artist and educator. She creates sculptural forms, as well as, functional pottery that is inspired by her southern roots and social exchanges. Before establishing her career in Florida, Tiffany received her MFA from the University of Georgia in 2009. She completed her BFA from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is in permanent collections across the United States. She lives in Jacksonville, FL with her husband and two daughters. There she is an Assistant Professor of Art at Jacksonville University and co-owns and operates Clay and Canvas Studio located in the CoRK arts district of Riverside in Jacksonville, Florida.

Srinia Chowdhury (@sriniaceramics)

Srinia is a sculptor and an art educator for almost a decade now. she loves creating as much as she loves teaching. Her work took her to countries like Australia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, and a few more beautiful places for symposiums and residencies that opened her outlook and nurtured her art practice. she spent a month in Keramik Kunstlerhaus, Neumünster, Germany in April 2022 for a residency and started her new series ‘Costume Party.

one of her sculptures made it to Latvia Ceramics Biennale and has been collected by the Mark Rothko Museum, Latvia. She just submitted my research as a National Research scholar on the subject of the Paper Clay Ceramics. She is currently researching various surface decoration and printing clay techniques.

She describes her work as, “Pressures of patriarchy across the globe on all genders bother me. I believe that art has the power to be used as a social tool; thus my art is a satire addressing the long-lived patriarchy and its pressure on all genders”.

Ninel (@ninel_art_ceramics)

Ninel Prodan-Luchkovsky lives in Leverkusen. She attended an art school when she was in Ukraine studying management. After moving to Germany in 2016, she continued to pursue her passion for painting and found inspiration in both music and the natural environment. She is a self-taught artist who enjoys experimenting with a variety of mediums. Ceramics are her medium of choice while she is painting, but she also works with oil and acrylic.

Written By: Rabia Khan.

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