Kathleen Steegmans

About the Artist

Kathleen Steegmans was born in Hasselt, Belgium in 1975.

When she was six, her parents opened the first contemporary photo gallery in their area. This sparked her interest in art at a young age, so it was no surprise she chose an education in the arts from age 16.

After graduating as a Master of Fine Arts in 1998, Kathleen started working in restaurants since she no longer believed it was possible to make a living making art.

Three years later, she craved being creative and decided to go back to school. She studied Graphic Design since she thought this was the only ‘realistic’ option to make a living being creative. 

In 2011, after losing her mom, who was only 60, she and her partner gave up their jobs because they wanted more freedom and purpose in their daily lives. They started a creative agency offering graphic design, web design, video, and photography to small local businesses. They didn’t know anything about running a business but loved being their own boss and did everything to make it work. 

When Kathleen also lost her dad, 5 years later, she questioned again if she was now doing what she wanted to do. Even though she liked the life she had created, there was something else that she wanted even more. 

She realized she had learned the skills she needed to sell and promote her own work and from 2018 she gradually stopped working for B2B clients and went back to creating art. 

Kathleen is now working full-time as an independent artist in Antwerp. She sells her own work by organizing shows and attending art fairs and events. A selection of her work can also be seen at Caroline Jespers gallery in Belgium.

Artist Statement

I create vibrant figurative mixed media artwork with a touch of glitter & glamour. 

With my work, I want to share what I’ve learned on my journey through personal development and spirituality. This way, I want to inspire my collectors to follow their dreams. Life is too short, not too. 

I often portray women who seduce the viewer into getting to know them and their stories. Inviting them to self-reflect and explore the limitless possibilities of their minds.

Through the frequent use of gold and blue, two strong colors to which both spiritual and worldly qualities are associated, ‘my girls’ ask to be seen. The bigger-than-life characters result in artwork that feels familiar and strange at once.

It’s my goal to add beauty, depth, and character to my client’s homes while encouraging them to live the empowered, joyful life they are meant to live.

What is your “Dreamland” ?

My dreamland is a land of limitless possibilities for everyone. A land in which we all can do what makes us truly happy.  I believe this is what we need to all live together in peace and harmony.

With my work, I want to inspire others to live their best lives to build this dreamland and make it a reality.

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