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How Art and Creativity Can Change Our Lives: Etty Yaniv

In this episode, Charuka Arora and Etty Yaniv engaged in an inspiring conversation about the power of art in our lives. Yaniv shared her story of how she got her start in the art world, volunteering to write for local blogs in Brooklyn, New York, and eventually transitioning into installation and sculptural work. On the other hand, Charuka discussed the Arts to Hearts Project, a platform that supports and elevates women artists. Through their respective projects, both women are creating a space to have intimate conversations about being an artist or creative in the arts, empowering and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

Topics covered in this podcast

  • 00:00: Conversation between Charuka Arora and Etty Yaniv on Writing and Art
  • 02:35: Conversation between Charuka Arora and Etty Yaniv on Art Journey and Art Spell
  • 07:52: An Artist’s Perspective on Building a Creative Community”
  • 12:31: Conversation between Charuka Arora and Etty Yaniv on Curation Projects
  • 15:13: Conversation on the Journey of Becoming an Artist
  • 22:21: Conversation with Artist Etty Yaniv on Blurring Boundaries and Technology in the Art World
  • 23:29: Conversation on Building a Career as an Artist
  • 31:23: Conversation on Social Media Pressure and Perfectionism

About Etty Yaniv

Etty Yaniv works on her art, art writing, and curatorial projects in Brooklyn. She exhibited in solo and group shows at galleries and museums nationally and internationally, including The Haifa Museum of Art, Israel, State Silk Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia, Newark Museum of Art, NJ, Monmouth Museum of Art, NJ, Torrance  Art Museum, CA,  AIR gallery, Brooklyn, Sheen Cultural Center, NYC,  Long Island University, Brooklyn,  Kean University, MJ, Purdue University, IN, UCONN University, Stamford, CT, Helen Day, VT, Musée Héritage Museum, St. Albert, CA, Zero1 Biennial in San Francisco, and Leipziger Baumwollspinnerie, Leipzig Germany.

In 2022 her site-specific installation “Inversion” is exhibited in Palazzo Mora, Art Biennale, Venice, 2022. Her work is in institutional and private collections nationally and internationally, including State Silk Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia, The Foundation Center, NYC, ElephantArt, Switzerland, and other private collectors in the USA, Israel, Australia, Europe, and Canada. She was awarded the Two Trees studio program in 2018. She is running the online magazine Art Spiel.


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Key Highlights from the Episode

Q. Charuka: Let’s start by knowing a little bit more about you. Tell me. How did you get into the arts?

A: Etty Yaniv: So I’ve always been one of those people who has been drawing and painting since I can remember, but that doesn’t mean I knew I wanted to be an artist; I didn’t. I was writing, I was making music, and I was a very artistic child. But I also love psychology, and, you know, when I went to school, I decided to go and study not art but psychology and literature, so I started with that, and I was doing my art anyway because that’s what I do, and then I decided to go into art.

And I believe that making art has a lot to do with literature and my other interests for me because it all feeds it; everything feeds and informs it. 

Q. Charuka: You have been around for a long time, and you have seen a lot of transitions in the art world. Tell me, how are you adjusting to the way things are? What is your perspective on this evolution that’s happening in the world of art?

A. Etty Yaniv: I’m really adapting to it because I was never categorized in any way when I did the illustration. They say that you should do fine arts when I did fine art, they said I should write, right? So I was loving the “out of the box” thinking. So for me, it’s very good, and I love it because in my work too when I do the installation, I combine everything. You know what’s going on in there. It’s almost like a painting. It’s photography. It’s a drawing. It’s sculpting. It’s all together. So,

I love that there are no boundaries like that, but that doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be any limitations or that there shouldn’t be any. You know, by the rules or any formal consideration, I’m not saying that everything is okay. That’s not what I’m saying, but the open-mindedness of, you know, thinking outside the box and kind of blurring the boundaries—I love that.

Q. Charuka: And, um, what’s your take on and experience with technology taking over much of the space, and you know how things and systems are also changing how artists can build their careers?

A. Etty Yaniv: Ah technology. First and foremost, there is social media, which makes a significant difference in terms of exposing work. Many artists, particularly emerging artists, are making use of it in this manner. I definitely favor exposed work, and I think that a lot of the gallery model is changing too. It’s changing the whole system. The social media platform As a result, many models are evolving. And for artists, I think it gives them opportunities; on the other hand, there are many more artists,

but the good news is that it’s become much more democratized rather than concentrated in the hands of a few, and you now have a chance to put your best foot forward, which I think is really nice Isn’t it?

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