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Five content ideas for artists to improve their social media presence 

Wondering what to share on your social media as a art entrepreneur? The key to success is simple: create posts that reflect your journey. Our guide provides uncomplicated content ideas for artists to boost social media and connect genuinely with your audience.

Social media has made it possible for artists from around the globe to reach out to fresh audiences. Especially visual artists have discovered social media as a platform to grow their followers and potentially discover new art collectors.

Promoting your art on social media is a great way to get your photography or paintings out there. The platform makes it easy to share your work and gallery with visually appealing posts, and you can do it from anywhere.

But, since a lot of art gets posted every day, it’s tough to stand out. One way to do that is by being more flexible about what you post. Instead of always following the same plan, try mixing things up. This way, you can experiment and find what your audience likes best in the midst of all the creative content ideas for artists on social media. 

5 content ideas for artists 

Ensure that the content you create stands out. It should not only reflect you and your brand but also showcase your work in its most inspiring form. This keeps your audience engaged and eager for what’s next.

Below, we’ll share five  tips you can apply as you figure out how to promote your art on social media.

Deliver value consistently

To maintain and grow your followers, consistently provide value. Understand why your audience follows you, and ensure that what you share resonates with them.

Crafting a content plan for artists involves various elements. For a more detailed guide on creating an effective strategy and boosting your presence on Instagram, explore our course, “How to grow your Instagram reach through Instagram stories.”

Don’t shy away from sharing your creative process on social media! Followers enjoy witnessing the transformation from a sketch to a refined masterpiece, making this content a powerful engagement tool. It not only allows your audience to understand your journey but also fosters a deeper appreciation for your craft.

Pro tip! If you’re concerned about disrupting the aesthetics of your feed with a prominent sketch, consider incorporating it into a carousel post. This way, the final version takes the spotlight as the first thing people see, maintaining the visual appeal of your Instagram feed. Give your audience an insider’s view of your creative journey, enriching their connection with your work.

Keep showing images of your artwork

One great thing to share is the finished version of your artwork after you’ve done all the edits. It helps you display your best work in a professional way, and it’s really easy to do. You just need a flattened jpg of your artwork! If you’re ever not sure what to post, you can always go for this type of post. As artists, you have loads of visual stuff, so you should have a bunch of finished pieces ready to share on your Instagram.

Add stories for maximum reach

Another effective way to give your followers a glimpse into the artist behind the art is by using Instagram’s Stories feature. They’re straightforward—short-lived content that disappears in a day—but incredibly versatile.

Share sneak peeks of your latest project or updates to your gallery. Quick, casual videos allow you to connect directly with your followers, offering a sense of your personality.

Engaging features like polls and countdowns add an interactive element. Planning an event? Inform your followers, initiate a countdown, and let them set a reminder when it’s approaching. Selling prints? Seek input on which art pieces they’d love to see hanging on their walls.

Because they’re easy to record and post, stories enable you to share short event clips or go live for real-time streaming—your icon changes to notify followers. You can even invite others to collaborate during live sessions, hosting Q&A sessions or live charity auctions. If you have the budget, consider running ads in Stories.

Be creative with Story features, and stay updated with the new additions—Instagram frequently introduces updates. While some features may require a specific number of followers (like the “swipe up” feature), many are accessible to everyone.

Align you feed with your gallery’s vibe

Beyond sharing sketches and works-in-progress, curate a collection of your finest art for your feed. Play around with diverse color palettes and patterns to give your page a unified and visually captivating appearance.

Experiment with apps, which allows you to create a collage from multiple squares in your feed. Unfold offers attractive templates for both Story and feed posts, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

This not only showcases your top-notch work but also adds a touch of professionalism to your gallery’s image. Complement this with well-crafted captions to provide insights into your process.

Reveal the artist behind your art

The ultimate content idea is to showcase yourself! We understand it might seem a bit intimidating, but it’s incredibly valuable for your audience to see the person behind the art. This not only fosters a personal connection with you, the artist, but also enhances their connection with your work. Capture a photo of yourself in a setting that reflects who you are creatively. Being surrounded by your tools and workspace adds a more captivating touch than a random selfie.

Allow your audience to peek into your world, creating a genuine bond beyond your artwork. Remember, authenticity goes a long way in building a loyal following. So, when considering what to share next, don’t hesitate to let them see the face behind the creative magic!


The art scene is bustling these days, but with the right approach to content ideas for artists, social media promotion and consistent efforts, you can carve a space for yourself.

Diversify your content across your feed, Stories, Reels, and IGTV to reach a broader audience. Actively engage with your audience, and monitor analytics to identify what’s gaining traction. Collaborate with and promote fellow artists; lifting each other up can lead to reciprocal support down the road.

If your budget allows, consider investing in paid ads for a significant boost in visibility on Instagram and Facebook. For those on a tight budget, test a couple of ads as a trial before deciding on further investment.

Promoting your gallery on Instagram and other platforms is an ongoing process. Stay informed about tips and best practices, ensuring your approach remains fresh and dynamic.

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