Meaningful Pieces of Art: Captivating Figurative Ceramics by 5 Women Artists

In this week’s Women in Arts, I have compiled some of the amazing works of artists creating Figurative Ceramics. Since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, I thought of celebrating womanhood through this article. These women artists have created some amazing pieces of art celebrating womanhood. Boob mugs, Boob-vases, breast planters, vulva incense holders and not to forget the placenta mugs. They sure have celebrated feminity by creating meaningful pieces of art that empower, connect and spread joy. These contemporary Ceramic artists have refined the age-old art by combining them with the latest methods and creativity.

Let’s explore the figurative ceramics created by these amazing artists.

1. All Toek Moment by Amanda Schram

All Token Moment items are handmade with love and passion by Brooklyn-based ceramicist Amanda Schram. She uses a variety of materials—glazes, cookie cutters, alphabet pasta, gold lustre, and puns—that yield an eclectic mix of joy, empowerment, and playful creativity.

Token Moment redefines the perception of what makes something valuable by creating tangible reminders to empower and uplift ourselves and others. Tokens are a catalyst for connection, conversation, sharing, and expression. They are physical vessels for thought and emotion, facilitating moments that could otherwise pass us by.

Read more about the artist on her Website and Instagram.

2. Boobtiful by Maya Schnorf

It was during a semester abroad in Belgium. Maya refused to take selfies and report her status. Nevertheless, she wanted to give her friends a personal update and tell them about her adventures abroad. So the idea came up to print an imprint of her breasts as a selfie on a postcard. And that is how Boobtiful was started.

The artist says, Our bodies are fascinating structures. I am interested in differences in our anatomy in terms of movement, representation and making comparisons. With B00Btiful I want to encourage you to accept our bodies as they are, natural and beautiful. Just B00Btiful!

What began with an interest in craftsmanship and material technology has also developed into a (body) cultural project over the course of time. The joy in the craft is huge, but the energy that I get from various women inspires me all the more. It gives me motivation, has a valuable influence on my work, and this ultimately has a positive effect on the finished products. It fills me with pride to see how my products can support the experience of dignity and self-esteem towards one’s own body.

Read more about the artist on her Website and Instagram.

3. Karamics by Karina Gouverneur

Karamics pieces are thrown on the wheel or hand-built and glazed by Karina Gouverneur (1996) originally from Curacao but moved to the Netherlands to study Fine art and design in education in Utrecht. Here is where her relationship with ceramics started. Working with ceramics has taught her to let go of having control over everything because the final results are in the hands of the ceramics gods and not hers. She embraces the unpredictable and sees beauty in imperfections.

Using different techniques, Karina creates unique functional or sculptural pieces for the home. The core of Karina’s work is experimenting with different stories, shapes, glazes and firing techniques like raku firing. Each piece is unique and that’s what makes her work special. Karina is always experimenting and trying new things, that’s why you’ll always find slightly different items.

She has a fascination for handmade items, the look and the feel of something that’s handmade is just special. Karina’s handmade items can be used and enjoyed every day. For having your morning coffee or giving your plants a new home.

Read more about the artist on her Website and Instagram.

4. Katie Jenssen

Katie has a background in environmental science but she comes from a long line of artisans. Her Nana Ingeborg Jenssen was a studio potter and painter who moved from her native Norway and settled in Napier for the remainder of her life. Her Father Lars Skaugen was an incredible and prolific woodcarver. Her Mother, Astrid was a magnificent weaver. Katie does everything here from concept design to making and selling her work. She turns clay into usable and beautiful objects that will last more than a lifetime. She also takes all classes and workshops here at her studio The Pottery Place in Kaiapoi, North Canterbury.

The Artist describing her journey says- In 2015 at the age of 24 I moved in with my Nana. Her home was covered ceiling to floor with the most beautiful pieces of art, from her family and from artists whom she met along the way. I couldn’t help but be inspired, not just by the skill level in these pieces, but by the stories behind them. Her husband, my Grandfather Finn Jenssen, had passed away 10 years before; he too was creative and her right-hand-man, in life, love and art. When he died, she stopped potting. Her studio hadn’t been used for years, there were half-finished pieces, abandoned clumps of dried clay, remnants of a once busy studio.

I jumped in hands-first to the opportunity that had presented itself. I fell in love with clay and now dedicate all of my time to it. I primarily work on the wheel but I also use moulds made by my nana and grandad and carving techniques from my great-grandfather. I use embroidery thread in some of my works, to honour my great-grandmother and women artisans before her. My work is steeped in history yet also influenced by the world that we are living in with our vibrant culture and society here in Aotearoa.

Read more about the artist on her Website and Instagram.

5. Gymno Soma

This unique artist believes in the ‘Celebration of Unique Forms’. Her work encourages beauty in all shapes and sizes. She makes an amazing collection of body vases, ashtrays and some other utility products.

Read more about the artist on her Instagram.

So these were some of the amazing works done by our Women artists in Figure Ceramics. I love how they celebrate the female body and promote body positivity in our society. After all, self-love is over everything else. To read more about some inspiring works done by other artists, visit our website.

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