Archanaa Manavalan

About the Artist

Archanaa Manavalan is a self-taught artist based in Chennai, India with Post Graduate Degree in Technology. 

A surreal meditative experience after an intense silent retreat in 2011 led her back to Painting. The experience also enabled her to continue her journey towards a holistic lifestyle,  explore different yoga practises, Meditation and helped shape her Art Journey. 

She works in Mixed media with vibrant colours and a lot of  gold and practices her craft full time from her home studio and teaches Yoga.

Artist Statement

I am  a self-taught  Artist based in  Chennai, India. I find inspiration from Spiritual philosophy, intricacies of the subconscious mind and the beauty in everyday life. 

Every painting  I create  has a tendency to invoke a subjective sense of introspection for the viewer. The titles are as ephemeral as the process, the impermanence serves as the catalyst for the viewer. They  lack a singular explanation and have subjectively different meanings for every viewer based on their experience.

The great spiritual writer Thomas Merton once said ” Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

I hope everyone who comes across my work has a great experience. May we all find ourselves in front of that special piece that sings to our soul.

What is your “Dreamland” ?

My Dreamland is a place to reunite and ignite different sensory experiences. That moment when eyes are closed and you fade into a different scene of being amongst the most beautiful blooms, in-between snakes and waterfalls, between resplendent golds shining like new jewels, there are no rules, no restrictions no order or hierarchy. Anything goes and it is Majestic.  

My work stems from myriad of dreams and are weaved to form an image that depicts an experience that speaks of the viewers perception. It is an escape from your usual and transports you to the mystical realms.

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