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Alexandra Saunder’s Portraits of Rescued Wildlife

Alexandra Saunders is a contemporary wildlife artist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her work is drawn from her love of the natural world and intimate portraits of animals she has encountered as a lifelong wildlife conservationist. Since childhood, she has sought refuge and sanctuary in nature by communing with and surrounding herself with animals. Alexandra started her career as an artist in 2020 after a life-changing event in the pandemic and ever since has not looked back. Alexandra made a major career switch in her seventies. She showcases animals and helps raise funds for conservation and sanctuaries. Then she painted portraits of chimpanzees rescued by conservationists and living in chimpanzee sanctuaries in Africa. And now she is working with 6 different sanctuaries in Africa, Asia, and the United States.

In conversation with the artist Alexandra Saunders, a wildlife conservationist. In this interview, Alexandra shares how she embarked on this beautiful journey, and how she struggled from learning to hold a paintbrush to master the Art. Alexandra also shares some hiccups she faced as an artist starting her career in her seventies. Join us in this interesting interview where Alexandra shares her heart out.

1. Alexandra, I love your animal portraits. I am curious to know how you embarked on this journey as a wildlife artist.

2.  Your portraits are photorealistic and gorgeous. What has your journey been like in perfecting this incredible skill?

Artist Statement

3.  Alexandra, are there any major life events that have influenced your work?

4.  Alexandra, your portraits have such unique stories, stirring a lot of emotions. How would you describe your work in three emotions?

5.  What are some of the hiccups you faced while starting as an artist and how did you overcome them?

6.  What excites you the most about creating your work?

Artist Statement

7.  What advice would you give to the artists starting in their career?

Art comes from your soul and your being. So paint/ draw/sculpt/craft something you love and are passionate about. It will always reflect your source and your uniqueness in the world. Learn and refine the fundamentals and skills of drawing so that you can represent what you are thinking. Always – every day – make time for your art making. It is a sacred time and you need to honor that. It’s a pure expression of what you brought forth. Every artist has a beginning. Becoming an artist is a path – not a destination. Honor that and when you get frustrated, stop and put away the piece you are working on. Go back to it later. You’ll see it through fresh eyes. I do this all the time – that’s why I work on 3-4 pieces at a time. They evolve over time. They – and you – need to breathe. To quote something someone told me years ago, “You can never open a rose with a hammer. “ Let it happen on its own time. It will.

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