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6 tips to achieve your artistic goals in 2024

Artwork by Jan Wier

When you are an artist, the work never ends. Even when we aren’t in the studio, our minds are still in creative mode. We are observing, learning, and planning, and that’s how our brains are wired. Our art comes from our creativity and creativity is not a switch you can simply turn on or off. Inspiration and ideas can come at any time and in the most random of places. It wouldn’t be unnatural if you spent your daily walks thinking about your artistic goals and how to achieve them. That’s how successful people operate, they are constantly finding ways to make their dreams come true!

Here at the Arts to Hearts Project, our team is also constantly reaching out to our followers on our Instagram (@artstoheartsproject) where we post question stickers weekly. With the help of your responses, we are learning and re-evaluating. With each response we get, we become more and more aware of our community of artists and the lives they lead. This time, we are going to talk about your artistic goals as an artist and how you can achieve them this year.

artistic goals

Create achievable artistic goals

The first step to making your dreams a reality is to make sure your goals achievable. It’s tempting to create ambitious artistic goals, and we are not saying that you shouldn’t aspire. However, we each know how much potential we have and it’s always better to take small steps than big strides that may be difficult for you to manage.

Oftentimes artists would say that their goal is to become famous. But that’s not a real goal. The actual goal for you should be to build an organic audience that appreciates your work and respects your craft. Once that happens, fame and money will slowly come on their own!

Create a plan

Many artists dream of having their exhibitions or getting featured in magazines. Instead of having one goal of having your own exhibition, why don’t you break it down into several smaller goals? The benefit of having small achievable goals is that you stay focused and motivated.

Create a timeline, and then make a plan on how you can reach out to various magazines. Maybe you can attend workshops and connect with other artists?! Create smaller goals of visiting a certain number of galleries each month, and that is how you will be able to achieve your goals of expanding your circle!

If you are an emerging artist, you can look for magazines that publish younger artists. Arts to Hearts magazine is also one of those few that aims to give voice to emerging artists so they can build their reach and have the opportunity to show their potential to the world. You can check out our ongoing call for art for our 100 Emerging Artists and Virtual Exhibition.

Measure your progress

Creating artistic goals and timelines is great, but what’s even more important is measuring your progress. It doesn’t help to just make a spreadsheet with all your weekly or monthly tasks. At the end of every few weeks, make it a habit to go through your progress. Were you able to do what you wanted to, and if not, then why? Evaluate why you were not able to do certain things and what you can do to make them doable in the future. Reevaluating and learning is the way to move forward!

Keep practicing your skills

As @youforbia_art has mentioned, it’s important to keep creating. As an artist and a creative, your greatest superpower is your creativity, and there is no way that you can make it without staying in touch with your skills. No matter which way life goes, or how hard it gets, it’s important to keep going back to your studio/workspace. Pick up your supplies, and keep doing what you do best, regardless of the noise and chaos that surrounds you.

Reach out and collaborate

This is a very important step as artists often think that they can achieve their goals on their own. While hard work and persistence are important, you cannot do it in a bubble, especially in 2024. Everyone needs the support of a community, and there is nothing a good pep talk and advice can’t solve! This is the age of global connectivity, and we need to learn from our peers. Connecting with others has never been easier, and it’s time that you use it to your advantage. 

Celebrate every success

It’s important that you celebrate every success, no matter how little or big. Do not see life as a race, otherwise you will get exhausted. Living in the moment, and taking each day as it comes; that’s how you can live mindfully. Life is full of ups and downs, and if you want to keep your eyes on the prize, you need to learn from the failed attempts and celebrate when you succeed. It is in these small moments that we truly exist.

In the end, our advice to our readers is to dream big, but at the same time, be realistic. Know your potential, and don’t be afraid to make your mark in this world. The only way to achieve the impossible is by keeping your feet on the ground and showing up to work every day! You can also reach out to us on Instagram and drop a comment on how you plan to achieve your artistic goals!

You can always read more articles where our ATH community comes together to engage with each other!

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