41. Being social media’s fav, career as a self taught artist & painting every day life with erica lee sears

A rts To Hearts Podcast is all about creating from a safe space to communicate and share the messy and wonderful side of being an Artist. In the 41st episode of the Arts to Hearts podcast, our host Charuka Arora interviews Erika lee sears a self-taught artist from Portland, Oregon known for her oil paintings depicting everyday life and objects.

Erika has been doing an original painting every single day for last 7 years. And, has been Social media’s favourite for quite sometime now.

She shares that what began as a gift to her self post a tough pregnancy is now a way of life, which allows her creative freedom to paint whatever comes to mind and brings her joy.
As a highly creative child, the youngest of 3 siblings she mentions that although her parents were creative, they were not artist and she wasn’t introduced to the art world until her mid 20’s.
Although Erika would love to have a formal degree in art if given a chance, she mentions that the lack of it pushes her to keep learning, evolving and growing
Erika spent 6 years in the corporate world, post which she finally took the plunge to pursue her dream of becoming an artist.
She shares that the biggest challenge while getting started was to navigate her way into the art world but with the onset of various social media channels she was able to connect further with the art community and get her work out there.
Networking, experimenting with different avenues of art, being a free thinker while staying on top of the business end of things are what Erika recommends
Erika shares that she considers herself her biggest inspiration and her advice is to believe in yourself, let go negativity around you and to have big dreams as the world is big place.

To know more about Erika:

Instagram: @erikaleesears
Website: http://www.atinyrocket.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/erikaleesears

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