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10 International Art Fairs Every Art Lover Should Visit Once in their Lifetime

Nothing compares to the excitement surrounding art fairs: gathering together, traveling from booth to booth, and dealing with the unexpected, crowded hallways in search of the most amazing work of art to add to your collection.

But are people still swarming to art fairs, or are we consuming art differently now that technology is more widely available?

What’s the truth? Over the past ten years, the number of international art fairs has increased from 10 to 60 as the art sector undergoes enormous globalization. In last week’s article, we discussed ways to find a good art fair and how to make the most of it.

Today, we’ll discuss the ten international art fairs every art lover should visit once in their lifetime. Whether you’re often charmed with Old Master oil paintings or want to explore more modern, tech-driven art, this list of the finest International art fairs focuses on various art forms and interests.

Some of these art fairs include enough artwork to cover thousands of years of art history, which will keep every art lover fascinated the entire time. Even if you are more interested in design than art, a few of these art fairs have grown to include additional collections of decorations, jewelry, historical items, and other items.

So let’s begin, 

1. Masterpiece London 

For those who like both art and design, Masterpiece London should be the first on their bucket list. Since its first edition in 2010, this summertime art exhibition has included the finest works of art, jewellery, furniture, and design from antiquity to the present. The art fair has 27 different selection committees to ensure that only the best works in each area are shown each year, and it even has a mentoring system to ensure that these abilities will be passed on to future generations.

Even though you’ll undoubtedly want to visit Masterpiece London in person sometime, the art fair offers online tours for those who want to take in this breathtaking display of art and design from the convenience of their homes. To learn more about the world of Masterpiece London all year long and in the run-up to the event, there are also some online podcasts, movies, and panel discussions.


Every year, the European Fine Art Foundation (TEFAF) fair displays the finest in fine art, antiquities, and aesthetics, making it a must-attend event for art and design fans. TEFAF focuses on modern and contemporary art every May for visitors wishing to experience life on American soil. Every June, Maastricht in the Netherlands hosts a fair that showcases works from 7,000 years of art history.

This year, The Maastricht expo will showcase artwork from 280 reputable dealers from 22 nations. The TEFAF is celebrating its 36th anniversary this year, so there will be plenty of special programming and the fair’s most varied range of works yet, including jewellery, ceramics, and Old Master paintings.

3. Frieze Art Fair

Frieze Art Fair

The Frieze Art Fair is held in London, Los Angeles, New York City, and Seoul every year. The brand was established in 1991 and included three art magazines.

While the programming for London’s exhibition, Frieze, concentrates on contemporary art, Frieze Masters features historical and modern pieces. Our top choice for the most illuminating experience is the London event, but we’re also looking forwards to the first Frieze fair in Seoul this September. Be on the watch for its famed U.S. fairs, which are held annually in New York and Los Angeles.

4. ARCO Madrid 

The ARCO Madrid is among the most popular modern art fairs worldwide. This is an excellent fair to visit if you want to learn about or rediscover modern Latin American art in Europe. The ARCO Foundation was established in 1987 to promote, study, and disseminate contemporary art. 

It also produces media outlets, teaches, and researches contemporary art, particularly modern art forms. Since 1987, ARCO Madrid has hosted annual exhibitions of the collection’s pieces, one of Spain’s most impressive collections of contemporary art—Arco Lisboa, a recent investment by the fair, located in Portugal.

5. The Armory Show

The Armory Show, one of the most well-known art exhibitions in New York City, has an extensive record for art enthusiasts: It was named after the first modern art show of its kind to be held in the United States, which took place in 1913 and brought the vogue European artists and trends to the mainland.

International art fairs
The Armory Show

The Armory Show was established in recognition of this illustrious show 81 years later. It now features the finest New York artists and provides year-round programming in addition to its annual fall fair to showcase the best artists in the city. You’ll find creatives from around the world at these amazing exhibitions.

6. SCOPE Arts Show

SCOPE organizes three worldwide modern art shows annually in Basel, Switzerland, Miami Beach, Florida, and New York. The art event has changed over its 20-year history to include increasingly avant-garde and highly technological programmes. 

The event will celebrate the New Contemporary Program’s eleventh anniversary this year, which emphasizes innovative stories and artist engagement. The best part about SCOPE’s events is that the New York show aligns with Armoury Week for Manhattan’s ultimate art lover’s weekend, while the events in Miami and Basel occur at the same time as the Art Basel fairs.

7. India Art Fair

To provide visitors with a genuinely engaging and illuminating art experience, Delhi’s India Art Fair has established itself as South Asia’s leading arts and cultural event of the year. This wintertime exhibition emphasizes modern and contemporary pieces that showcase a variety of South Asian artists.

Even if you miss the year’s major event, India Art Fair offers year-round programming, so you never know when an amazing pop-up or artist-in-residence may be conducting a panel. Not only will you have a greater understanding of South Asian and Indian art, but you’ll also gain a deeper understanding of the region’s rich cultural heritage, which will likely inspire you long after you’ve returned home.


The Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain, or FIAC, is seen as the greatest art fair in Paris and is held there every October. The event returns from COVID-19 in 2021 with a new venue at Grand Palais Éphémère instead of the Grand Palais monument. It is developing rich personal experiences to link visitors with the best modern art in the world and the artists who created them.

Visitors attending FIAC will find exceptional cultural programming throughout Paris, from modern dance performances at Bourse de Commerce—Pinault Collection to pop-up sculptural installations in the city’s most popular parks.

9. ZonaMaco

ZonaMaco hosts four occasions in Mexico City yearly and will mark its twenty-first birthday in 2023. It attracts admirers of contemporary art worldwide and is the biggest platform for art fairs in Latin America. Since then, the event has grown from a biannual art fair to several sub-events, including ZonaMaco Design for decorative items, including furniture, jewellery, and clothing, ZonaMaco Academy for antiques, and ZonaMaco Photo for modern, vintage, and contemporary photography.

One of the greatest ways to experience Mexico’s diverse and dynamic art scene is to go to ZonaMaco. Beyond the galleries, the fair offers a wide range of distinctive cultural discussions and events, such as cocktail courses and guided tours of other important art locations in the city, to further contextualize Mexico’s creative community.

10. La Biennale Paris

La Biennale Paris is one of the two premier art fairs in the City of Lights that every art enthusiast should visit once in their lifetime. It began as a French vintage market in 1956 and has subsequently expanded to feature artwork, jewellery, and other home accents.

La Biennale Paris’ 2023 edition’s dates have yet to be decided, but we may anticipate it will occur over Christmas, just in time for a joyous escape to our favourite city. Get ready for a weekend of excitement as you explore 6,000 years of creative and fine arts history with everything from archaeological finds to cutting-edge contemporary artwork from every continent.

These top ten international art shows that every art lover must visit once in their lifetime provides an unforgettable and fascinating experience. Every art fair tells a different story of beauty with its extensive collection of art creations.

Moreover, visiting these art fairs will also provide you with a chance to network with other artists, discover their methods, and get familiar with the work done internationally.

So, whether you’re an emerging artist, an art lover or just looking for inspiration, going to one of these art fairs is a must-do event. 

You can also read Creative Approaches to Achieving Your Goals if you want more inspiration. You’ll be inspired to believe in your creativity after reading it, and believe me, with enough effort and commitment, you can accomplish anything.

I’ll leave you now and catch up with you the following week when I’ll bring a checklist to use when you attend these international art fairs. As you wait, keep creating and inspiring others with your art. Enjoy your long weekend. Take care!

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