Exploring Familial and Romantic bonds, w/ Bryn Gleason: Artist Spotlight

artist spotlight

Artist Bio

Bryn Gleason is a Chicago-based Visual Artist, Printmaker, and Graphic Designer. After achieving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Minnesota in 2013, she had her debut solo exhibition at the Green Point Gallery in New York. She has continued to exhibit her work across the United States while curating Art Markets locally. Though Intaglio Copper Etching Printmaking is Gleason’s specialty, she utilizes an impressive array of mediums in her work, including drawing, painting, and wood-based acrylic photo-transfers.

While leaning heavily on a black and gray pallet, Gleason’s artistic aesthetic is moody, introspective, and eerily captivating. Gleason pulls inspiration from her years of working in the bar and restaurant industry, her experience as a queer woman, and her fascination and love of dangerous, delicate, and dirty creatures.

Artist Statement

My work is inspired by the darker side of the bar industry, the grittiness, and exhaustion of the city, human responses to trauma, love, and healing. My work explores familial and romantic bonds, eternal love, and addictive behaviors. Represented in these works are my family members, my romantic partner, and other queer-identifying bodies.

I invite the viewers to delve into not only the visuals I present but also the emotional space within. Whether etching an image into a copper plate with acid, drawing on paper, painting on wood, or playing with other experimental processes, my attention to detail is paramount. My aesthetic is dark, commingling delicate and tedious details with aggressive and sporadic gestures. For me, an emotionally rich image cannot be made in one sitting. It requires patience, practice, and physical delicacy in the process

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