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Episode 21: Strategic Tips for Promoting your Creative Business by Artist Brittany Minnes

This Arts To Hearts Expert Takeover and Special Podcast Episode is hosted by Artist and Creative Business Owner Brittany Minnes! She is famous for her art, fashion and a combination of both in her special way!

She talks about building a business and provides insightful tips:

  •  Brittany talks about setting goals! 
  • She explains her creative process and how she manages creating work and running a business 
  • She talks about kickstarting her business through shows and collaborations
  • Brittany throws light on how to promote and network as an artist
  • She gives tips about social media as a tool to promote yourself as an artist 
  • Brittany shares what works on Instagram and what doesn’t!

Join Brittany as she shares her tips and tricks of creating an art business!

Find Brittany & her projects on:

Instagram: @brittanyminnes


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