Capturing moments to show the fragility of the world w/ Ilze Egle: Artist Spotlight

Artist Bio

Ilze Egle is a visual artist based in Latvia. Since 1990 she participates in group and solo exhibitions with paintings, drawings and photographs. Since 2001 Ilze worked as art manager and curator. She established and led the Art and Music Centre of the National Library of Latvia, curated and participated in many international and national art events and exhibitions. In 2013 she graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia and since 2016 Ilze is a freelance full time artist and a member of Latvian Union of Artists.

Artist Statement

Born in a family of two artists, I draw and paint since I was half a year old. I capture moments and details which show the fragility of the world. They tell a story and ask the observer to stop and appreciate nature, relationships, and life. More detailed and intricate levels of my work reveal to an unhurried observer, who is bringing it to a whole new level. By exploring details I reveal the whole universe in a small fragment. My art comes from where I am emotionally. I always have a vision in my head, but then in the process of creation beautiful transformations happen. Associative, subjective and eternally unfinished nature of the art process is what interests me most. I believe that art makes a huge difference in this world and I feel blessed to be part of it.

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