Mei Fung Elizabeth Chan

About the Artist

1988, Mei Fung Elizabeth Chan, Hong Kong
Mei Fung is a Long Island-based printmaker and mother of one. She was born and raised in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Her Chinese culture deeply influences her body of work.
She received her BFA from the Bridgewater State University in 2014 with a concentration in printmaking. After graduation she was selected to become an intern at Women’s Studio Workshop. Mei received her Masters of Fine Arts in printmaking from Rhode Island School of Design. She then travelled to Venice, France and South Africa for artist residency.

About Artist’s Work:

Portraiture and animals allow me to express each character, emotions and personalities. I mainly use self-portrait to create complex narratives related to contemporary society. Plants, animals and objects have their own symbolic meanings. It is something so close to us that we did not even recognize them.
In printmaking, I utilize both eastern and western style of way to design my body of work. I have been experimenting with woodcut and intaglio to create my images. The meticulous fine line reveals my Chinese culture. Most of my works are created for myself. It reflects my emotions, characteristics and body languages.

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