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Kamryn Shawron

About the Artist

Kamryn Shawron is a multimedia maker from Ocoee, Florida. Graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in Fibers, her work focuses on the integration of portraiture, embellishment and fibers. With themes rooted in both identity and disguises, she aims to embrace all that makes us human. With an interest in the tactile nature of our surroundings her body of work is influenced by candid moments of the conversations and people around her.

Artist Statement

Fibers is an all encompassing textural medium, through my work it has always been approached that way. Incorporating different media to create new tactile surfaces. Whether through bead embroidery or thick dollops of paint, my aim is to enhance what is already visibly present in the materials. With an interest in both painting and photography, these practices are incorporated as embellishment techniques as well. Focusing on beadwork in excess, the audience is invited to enjoy, immediately and visually recognizing the transformation in the surface. Each of these three portraits are photographs printed on canvas that is then stretched, painted on and then bead embroidered. Each of the portraits subject’s are obscured by masks . These disguises bring into question the identity of these three women – transforming them from people to indistinguishable figures . All three women are at a state of flux. Either embracing, or shedding free of the facades that clothe them.

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