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Faustine Badrichani

About the Artist

Faustine Badrichani is a French artist based in New-York. Her work focuses on the female body and is an exploration of femininity, showcasing colorful women silhouettes.
Over the past ten years, Badrichani – with the exploratory mind characteristic to self-taught artists – has developed an extensive artistic practice, from oil paintings to sculpture (direct plaster) and focusing on works on paper and acrylic paintings in the past few years
Faustine works from life, and invites models to pose in her New York Studio. “ For me, painting women is a play between what is universal and what is intimate, and this exploration is endless”. The female body has always been a central figure in her practice, and she has developed different series of works around this theme, creating her own graphic universe, and showcasing a unique use of the color blue throughout her work.
Faustine Badrichani is represented in France by Esther et Paul gallery. In June 2021 she had a solo show in Paris, named “D’abord la Mer”. Her work can be seen in group shows in New-York with various galleries / curators ( Insight Art Space, Untitled Art Space, Brooklyn Collective) as well as in multiple exclusive and curated only platforms (Artsy, Saatchi and ArtinRes)

Artist Statement

I am interested in showing female intimacy, how it looks and feels. Under a female gaze, I feature empowered women who exist for and by themselves, away from any form of fetishization.
In my practice, the body is not just an external shield or shell – it is inherent to female identity, and painting it is a way of revealing the very essence of femininity.
My body of work ranges from graphic representations of the multiple facets of female identity, to a more narrative representation of women, whether in the intimacy of their home or escaping from their daily whereabouts. They could be anywhere at any given moment, mysterious beings somehow suspended in place and time.
From a formal perspective, my work plays around with negative space and a reduced color palette to form contrasting silhouettes. Shapes create lines, guiding the viewer into the essence of women.
This endless exploration of femininity connects the universal and the intimate: my characters don’t have distinct features or identifiable faces, in an effort to showcase women as a universal entity, an essence of womanhood. Conversely, their nudity reveals their intimacy. Those women are every woman, each of them unique and universal.

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