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Esther Loopstra

About the Artist

Esther Loopstra is a professional artist, educator, and creative coach whose work is an extension of her perpetual curiosity. Her art has been shown in galleries, used for print ads, editorials, books, stationery products, textiles, and more. Esther holds degrees in Counseling and Illustration and has taught at Kent State University and Cornish College of the Arts. She obsessively studies neuroscience, the creative process, intuition, mindfulness, and the psychology of FLOW. Esther offers one on one coaching and specialized workshops that allow individuals to connect to their intuition and authentic selves so that they can create AMAZING things in this world.

Artist Statement

Loopstra’s work takes the viewer on a passage of discovery by weaving through pathways and portals into known and unknown spaces. Cued by nature, her use of light, dark, texture, and line creates a provocative tension. She evokes the brightness of life and the beauty of its dark mystery. 

A passionate and curious explorer, Loopstra is influenced by ideas of science, biology, consciousness, and the intelligence of the unknown. Her work references both a micro and macro view of the universe by unearthing how the material world resonates with and reflects our ineffable nature through unseen networks.    

Through an intuitive process, Loopstra’s mixed media paintings unfold like a journey.  

She flows with her instincts, developing layers, and working back into them, allowing her paintings to change and grow along the way.  Each piece evolves in its own time and finds its unique voice. Her technique is a celebration of the ever-changing process that is life itself.

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