Anthea bennaim



Anthea bennaim

About the Artist

Anthea is an artist and mother living in Sydney, Australia. She is captivated by the natural world and the role we play in preserving its beauty. Consumed by her love for painting, Anthea’s work is predominantly figurative  exploring themes of hope and fragility through quiet pairings, intricate colour and intentional cropped compositions.

Artist Statement

Stemming from anxieties surrounding Australia’s recent catastrophic bushfires, Anthea’s current body of work explores the delicate future of our children and their dreams paired with the fragile beauty of the wild. Will it be here for generations to come? Can we lighten our tread on the earth for the innocent who will inherit it? Anthea’s paintings are trying to capture, if only for a moment, dreams, beauty & innocence.

What is your “Dreamland” ?

My dreamland is directly connected to my anxieties & hopes for the future. In my dreams the most precious and innocent in our realm are recognized as sacred and protected to ensure beautiful futures.

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