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Translating The Reality Into Painted Emotions w/ Joanna Pilarczyk Radecka: Artist Spotlight

Artist Bio

joanna Pilarczyk Radecka is a London-based contemporary painter and art educator. She was born in 1980 in Gubin, a Polish town on the borders of Germany, and she started painting and drawing at the age of five. She went to Art College in 1995 in Zielona Gora and after five years she was awarded a diploma from the painting faculty. In 2003, she went on to study Visual Arts where she earned her MA degree in Art Education, specializing in oil painting in 2008. 

After moving to London 10 years ago from her native Poland, Joanna fell in love with the city immediately. Amazed and entranced by diverse cultures and the vibrant energy, she took her sketchbook everywhere, indiscriminately and discreetly recording people on the streets, in parks, and in cafes. As she grew more settled, in her new environment, Joanna began to paint oil portraits of new acquaintances and friends within the artist

community of North London. 

Pilarczyk has exhibited widely in her native Poland, and since moving to the UK has continued to show her work in exhibitions, at venues such as the Boomer Gallery, Candid Arts Trust, Autonomous Gallery, and Hive Dalston. Her paintings from the ‘Intimate Times’ series are currently exhibited at Mixx Atelier Gallery in Telluride, the US till October 15th. Her artworks are showcased at a virtual solo exhibition organized by the Visionary Art Collective. She also takes part in virtual group shows such as: ‘I ‘am speaking: The Language of Art’ on the PxP Contemporary online gallery and ‘Yesterday, Today, Everyday’ organized by Art Mums United. Her work will be included in the forthcoming group show entitled ‘Press Play’ from 18 to 24th October in London curated by Virginia Damtsa, of VirginiaVisualArts.

Artist Statement

My paintings from the ‘Intimate Times’ series were created during the time of isolation.

In my colorfully decorated flat filled with plants, and isolated from family and friends, my surroundings and my partner became my only world, more intensely experienced and observed than ever before. My heightened observations led to the creation of these paintings – ordinary but touching intimate scenes of our everyday life enveloped by light, color, patterns, and textures of our shared home-cum-studio- the other character in my paintings.

My recent artworks showcase ordinary moments from my life with my partner Jarek Radecki (also an artist) in the past year. Though the paintings depict us physically together in the same room and also alone, they reflect our mental state in the extraordinary situation that we all found ourselves in 2020. I never thought I would live so intensely and intimately with just one other person even though I think of him as my soulmate – this situation affected my hopes, dreams, and doubts as I was afraid of a new future after Covid-19. We were both so lucky to have each other but were also unable to escape each other and had to figure out a way to be together and also be alone within the confines of our shared living space.

Much of my work from this time focuses on self-portraits and what I found in our relationship during this time together, sharing moments in quiet without words spoken. My big pleasure is to observe the light and play with it, find a good composition and translate the reality into painted emotions. I want the viewer to feel the sunlight from my pictures, to enjoy the color and the positive atmosphere. I like to share a piece of my small, intimate space where I can still find inspiration.

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