You guys welcome back to the arts to Heartts Podcast this is your host charka I’m very excited to be back on the podcast with a new episode and I’m recording after a while I think um after a couple of weeks actually because you know the gallery thing was happening. Um. I was doing my own solo show. We were launching late eighth gallery and you know there was so much happening that um I decided that I needed to take a gap to focus that energy on the other projects that we were working on and now since all of that has been done. Um. Are back on the recording schedule I have a couple of recordings for today and before I get you know in the swing of recordings and forget things that I actually need to do I thought I’ll come here and talk about a few things and give you an update on everything that’s been happening. So yes, we did launch the at um.

We did launch the at gallery. Oh my goodness. What’s happening with me I’m I so I’m recording in my studio room and I have this beautiful window and everyone who’s watching this on Youtube can probably see this better and if you’re not watching on Youtube and you haven’t subscribed yet, please do. Um, please subscribe um and make sure that you are on a channel and um I have a few disturbances today but let’s so yeah, so yeah, how I was saying I have a windowoo here I can see water and you know there’s like a lot of sunlight and it’s It’s beautiful to giving me a little bit of distraction. Okay, back to the topic. Um, what’s been happening. Um, as of as of you know now what we are working on at 8 yet. We’re working on quite a few exciting services. We just launched our artist portfolio service artist bio service and. Artist statement services and this was so much like I felt like why didn’t I notice this before like it was so um, so how this happened was we were working on the ata. Um studio visit book and the at issued 3 as we were working on this and I am designing this um myself and I think um, this just didn’t come to my notice and that is why I also think like so many times that it is so important to do things on your own and see the details and niities of that.

And that’s what happened when I was um when I was you know working on the book thankfully finished now goodness I can’t even tell you how happy about I I am about that. Let me fix this. My one sec. Yes, yeah. So while I was working on the book I was looking at everybody’s artist statement and by you when I was like I just felt like oh my god there is such a huge chapter so and we actually while I was um I was editing the entire book and making the book. Um Rabia who you know is. My teammate. We were both continually on the call together and you know I would tell. Okay, this is not a good c or you know good statement and we need like a crispr one and there’s you know so much missing and so much. Um, you know. There was so many extra details so many missing details and they were not edited enough. They were not focused enough and I felt like um while I was editing I I always felt like okay you know what this book is going to go around. You know the world and I don’t want anyone who’s been published here. Most us chance to you know, give that message to their audience about what they are doing and so we decided that you know we’ll keep editing the ones that we can and in that process we edited. We ended up editing a load of the content and it made me realize that this is so much needed in the industry right now.

Because um, you know we are you know we have a team of so many different skill sets and when we pull together projects and we’ve been doing projects for past 2 three years now um give me 1 sec. Yeah. So what happened was that I thought like you know this? Um there’s such a huge gap artists really? um, don’t know what to go where to go and while you’re submitting to either. You’re reaching out to a gallery or you’re reaching out to let’s say you know. You’re applying for an open call or you’re sending your portfolio anywhere I think your artist statement and your bio is what speaks for you because you’re not always there. You can’t always speak for yourself and you know the portfolio you send the whole packaging like you know this is your voice and I feel like so many. So many submissions that we receive are not focused towards it artists are missing a lot on the table even while you know their work is being seen by a lot of relevant trite people. The work doesn’t speak for itself because the images come later people you know, go dive into your website your artist statement. Your bio and they look at what you’ve said you know just you know setting context to that image that you’ve submitted and I realized that okay this isn’t this isn’t something that we have worked on and we have the capacity. We have a team of writers I’m there. Um, we have the experience. We’ve been doing this so long.

Let’s put it out there. So we’ve recently launched services for artists which has artist statement artists, bio services and portfolio services. So We’ve also figured in this way Some someone who you know you know like me I am someone who I who’d either do it Myself. Or I’d be like okay I don’t have the time to learn this. Um and as if now I want you to help me do this So We’ve catered the services into you know halfs of you know you can just speak and consult.

Yeah, so we have consultation we have editing service. We have full scratch end-to-end. We you know we our entire team at arts 2 hearts gets at your disposal so that you know we can write that perfect statement bring that perfect portfolio and you know make all of that possible for you. And I really hope this brings value and I hope this helps artists. Um, you know make the most of their opportunities that they’re submitting to you know to if you’re either reaching out to a gallery or you know you’re sending floating your cvs around or your portfolios around I think it’ll be really helpful. Apart from that. Um we had the calgie show. It was very very exciting. It was um, it was really like um a huge learning curve to be honest, um I set up the whole calorie from end to end. You know there were so many logistics that we had to figure out. Um. That you know the setting up of you know the whole channel system like you know, weak I and it was so strange and I you know like um, it was so strange to do this because I remember um I made the arts to arts logo myself and it’s not the first logo I’ve ever made. Um. I’ve made several logos and only a couple of them have actually lived up to like a huge level which is one the other company that I have with my friends which is business which is based in India which is ah you know which is doing pretty well and I hope we keep doing the good work and I still remember like um.

Because all of this was happening all at the same time we were celebrating 8 years of business here in India of the company in the meanwhile we were also setting up art 2 has project um boards and the gallery and you know that brought a lot of those ideas to life. Um. We had the lightboard and I could see like literally the evolution of the logo I had brought and you know how I made all of that I did the first logo I did the second logo. You know the website and all of that and it felt so like it was so nice and beautiful and I felt like oh my god I really like something that. Something sometimes is just born out of nothing I remember um during covid I was I was very depressed I was very lonely and I thought okay I mean you know I might as well. Um, just create something rather than um. Crib about it and I start ros to hearts as a community and I wanted to engage with people connect and you know all of that and I’m very excited to see how we’ve grown and I I really hope we do grow more um, the gallery has been a great experience so far we do have a lot of um. Thoughts on how we can scale this and with with 100% transparency I think that is something that I always always speak about which is being very transparent of my own journey of how everything is happening. Um.

Taking the leap of gallery wasn’t an easy decision and even today I’m not you know I’m not like I I know of what I want to do I just don’t want to do it the traditional way I think that is that is my key. Um I don’t want to do for the sake of doing it or for the sake of okay, um. Let’s create another thing I truly want to do it in a way that truly benefits artist and this was one of the reasons I did my own show first I truly wanted to understand being in the artist’s shoes and being on the cany shoes and see what are the advantages and disadvantages in both the process. How as a business. Um, I’ll making loss or um, what I’m doing and how as an artist am I getting benefits and I did weigh a lot of options and I have quite a few exciting ideas actually with the cal in the sense of not doing it the traditional way and really experimenting so that um. You know artists can have access to different different corporate houses different offices and maybe I can use my own resources here and um, different markets and I think um, it’s a great addition for artists themselves to have like you know, um. And and exposure to their Cvs to an international market and not only that I think um I really want to use technology as another medium to um, support artists with selling the work also so we will be focusing definitely focusing on that. Um.

Also building building an inner collector circle and bringing people together of course not we’ve had We have a beautiful artist community and I’m grateful for all of you who listen to us every single week and I was like okay maybe um, let’s take this a little up a higher notch and we still. Working on that. So yes, what I don’t think I exactly have all the answers when it comes to the gallery and how I want to run it how we want to expand it and I think just the face of it. Um, sometimes you have an idea on you Want to do this but there’s the traditional way I know does not suit me I know that. Needs to be a better way as a business for me as as ah as an artist for me and as an artist for all of us that is not a loss making for you know for any ah anyone and you know running a gallery is a huge huge cost and now I understand. Where other people come From. There’s a huge marketing cost Huge investment fixed cost that has nothing like you know you and I’m I’m trying to solve those issues and see how we can you know come up with the creative Solution. So I’ll keep you updated in the meanwhile. We’re also working on bringing. You know, underrepresented artists online via platform and we we’re thinking about doing ah market where we are every week we’ll come up with an artist or a month I don’t know we still have a lot to figure out and so that you can you know we can support traditional, indigenous crafts and indigenous arts and.

Traditional artist as well. I love I love what india has to offer and I know that old countries specifically Southeast asia has a lot of traditional art and craft that oh my god that’s my employing that the world needs and I want to contribute to that bit. So yes, um. So yeah I mean um, that is about that and what else is happening I’ve spoken for 12 minutes that’s great um I am traveling a lot I’m moving um a lot again. Del ya, that’s been taken a quote of for quite a bit of my own time. We’re building us towars as a bigger team which is very exciting and hard. We’re looking for right people to work with us with my own practice I’m very very very very happy with how Martin Maan is turned out. Um and I do think I think I work great with pressure. It’s strange to say that. But yes I’ve always realized and I remember rabu also telling me this key I work better with with pressure. My efficiency goes way better. So that’s been interesting and yeah I think that’s from my end. There’s everything that’s happening. Um, we’re working on the studio visit book. We’ve almost done and we’ll be sending out all the emails and it’ll be out soon and it’s so exciting. We’re doing our oh yes, we’re doing our call for art remember I forgot that completely. We did our artist award which was very exciting and um I’m very excited to announce the results for that.

And we’ll come up with this opportunity again for sure and the studio visit book was such an amazing response I can’t believe it like it was so so so amazing and nice and we have an next curator already decided and I love her. You know guess tell me who is it if you’re listening to this episode tell me who that is and. Um, maybe we’ll will surprise you yeah so um, it is an exciting experience. it’s been it’s been such like it’s like oh god it’s like oh this movement like so many highs and so many lows and every day I get up and I’m like oh god. Need to take care of this yet again the international shipping of every order I’ve been literally tracking day and night and it’s been a oh god it’s been a mess. Don’t ask me I hit that part. Um in I think yeah I think to sum it up anyone who’s listening and you know, always we look on the other side and I I put up a post yesterday. Also. Because I haven’t myself like posting a lot on my own personal Instagram and I feel like I just don’t feel I just it feels so daunting. It feels so hard. My brain is just not there because I’ve been moving a lot There’s so many projects that are happening and so many deadlines I feel like I’ve cooked I have to continually meet I just am not able to put that effort. And love into my own social media I love my studio time. That’s for me and just the logistic of you know, making everything you know recording everything is just not easy. Um I don’t I still don’t feel as like I like the privacy of my moments and.

Enjoy that. So yeah that I’ve been working on and to sum it up I think the last few months have been very baby and exciting and lulls and dulls and confusing and expensive and mistakes and learnings and that’s how I think life is um. But I’m grateful to be able to do this with people I love I have an amazing team There’s so many laughters so many cries that we have together and that means a lot to me I’m grateful that I did the modern marani show for my mom I knew that I wanted to do that for my mother. And I’m very very very very happy that I I was actually able to give this as an oath to her and I’ve made this a promise to myself that every year I’m going to do something like this on her death anniversary as like you know as my she always wanted me to do good and. As my gift as my like just you know, always saying a thank you to her. So yeah, that’s that I’m very interested in listening from your rent I know there’s so many of you who listen to this podcast every week and I don’t come as often because I feel like you know I mean. Who’s interested in listening to me I mean let’s do interviews. Let’s do that and I finally um I actually am recording this as I started like I thought I would you know share a couple of minutes as an intro and everything and the guest was supposed to come but looks like the guest just didn’t show up.

And that is oh my God The oops like you know the behind the scenes of you know doing things. So if you think um, you have you’re afraid of things and you know you have those dull moments. We All do my guesture didn’t show up and my entire schedule is. Worked around these recordings and when people don’t show up. It’s so it’s just so disappointing. Honestly. But I’m glad I this time I’m glad I made the most of it because I actually recorded this and I hope you’d let me know like you know I really want to hear from you. What else can we do? how. Do you have anything to share about arts to us. Why don’t you send us a message leave us a review just just you know I think sometimes the work that you do. We’re so always hustling and moving forward. And I’m a person who likes movement but I love to test I Love to take a moment and look around and look at the flowers and talk to people and this is me calling you out. Um I’m here on this road and I’m looking at these flowers and I’m looking at all of you and I want to hear what you think are you if you’ve been with us on this Journey. Um. Tell me if you have any thoughts what you think about the work that you we do do you have any thoughts on what we should do next and do you want to hear from me and if you do let me know what you want to hear after me and I’ll try to do more of these episodes in the meanwhile.. Thank you so much for listening to the arts to hearts podcast. Thank you for supporting our work.

Thank you so much for everything that you do and just showing up here every week I think that in itself is something. We are very very grateful for and if you like what we do make sure that you can subscribe leave us a review um participate in whatever way you like and make the most of um. You know the life that we’re living I think we’re all very privileged to have this gift of creativity and let’s make the most of it together. Ah bybye.

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