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An Online Exhibit & Podcast Interview

Issue #1 of Podcast Open Call

Exhibition Essay

Sentiments from the past have a lasting impact in our present. Sometimes, these sentiments bring feelings of joy with them and other times, they bring a sense of despair and longing. Nostalgia is a theme, rather a thread which binds together an array of childhood memories, a past love affair, or the last conversation with someone beloved. These instances and experiences shape the people we are today.
Garden of Nostalgia is display of these bittersweet memories of childhood, identity, motherhood and love! We welcome you to enter this garden and reminisce your memories with a full heart!


Garden Of Nostalgia

Hear them talk about their art, their creative process, and their journeys which shaped them to be who they are!

Listen to the Podcast!

Participating Artists


Raisa Nosova

Juliet Martin

Sarah Sanders

Gina Ariko

Dive into your nostalgic memories with our four artists!

Hear them talk about their art, their creative process, and their journeys which shaped them to be who they are!

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Sarah Renzi Sanders

"My paintings are deeply tied to memories of complex emotions as well as a connection to nature. I believe we can heal ourselves by going back to childhood, exploring times of vulnerability but also finding what brought us joy."

Raisa Nosova

"To me the word Garden is reminiscent of the idea of abundance. And Nostalgia perhaps resides in the subconscious. "

Gina Ariko

"As someone very aware of all the ways I didn't belong growing up, I create that sense of peaceful belonging in my art. It makes me think of how stepping into a garden invites you to reconnect with nature's beauty."

Juliet Martin

"When you leave the apartment, I am afraid you won’t come back. I am making portraits of my household items, memories that can be touched. The loveseat doesn’t replace you, it is a reminder of you."

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Welcome to my studio, where I am speaking about my latest body of art, HUMAN. This video is a raw experience where you hear the fen in the background, and you are sitting in my studio and listening to me talking about my art.

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