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5 Artists share how early they delved into Art.

Some of the most celebrated artists in history began their artistic journeys at a very young age. In this article, we speak with five artists who share their personal stories of how they first developed their love for art.

We asked 5 artists when they first created Art and here is what they have to say:

1. Susie McColgan

Susie’s specialty and expertise is the Art of Healing, by implementing the scientific and emotional healing principles, her paintings create a healing energy through strategic color and lighting relationships and design, bringing feelings of comfort, warmth, hope, and peaceful harmony.

2. Lauren Naomi

Lauren Naomi has grown around the floral craft in some way or the other and now is carrying forward this family tradition of working with flowers. A fourth-generation floral crafter, Lauren has a unique style of making flowers with her hands using Japanese clay and turning them into a beautiful bed of roses or a warm tree with branches of blossoming flowers from a tree.

3. Alicia Wilkinson

Alicia creates paintings with thick texture, fiber, and other mediums while exploring beauty, texture, color, and things she is processing internally. Alicia’s inspiration comes from her Creator as she processes the pain and joy in her life alongside the desire to bring transformation into other people’s lives. Her heart to end injustices drives her to create work that has the hope to bring restoration and renewal to the earth.

4. Christina Elderkin

Christina Elderkin creates analog, hand-cut, collage pieces. Always a process, she dissects ideas surrounding the environment and society, space, and imagination. There is social and universal relevance in her work, especially in conversation with our shared skin, and our world. She is interested in this awareness of belonging to a human community bound together by a shared past and a future to be constructed in common. She examines our shared human skin and experience: social and environmental pressures that we all encounter in our modern world.

5. Kathryn Knudsen

Kathryn Knudsen transforms scraps into vibrant and therapeutic artworks. Kathryn enjoys exploring and experimenting with all sorts of materials and is especially interested in the use of art to examine and bring notice to human’s impact on the environment. Kathryn’s work utilizes a variety of traditional media, abstract forms, and found objects to produce an artistic vision with the intent to heal, refashion, and beautify. The result–is an unpredictable labyrinth of old recycled clothing, unwanted paintings, neglected thread, discarded paper, necklace beads, and other recycled materials.

So this was a trip down memory lane, with a lot of nostalgia and happy feelings of how far the Artists have reached. Each shared their moments and how it helped them to grow as an Artist. You can read their full articles here. If you want to share your early moments or reflect on when you first created Art, comment below and we would be happy to read your journey.

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