Martina Buiat (1)


Martina Buiat

About the Artist

I was born in Trieste, a beautiful city on the sea, in the north-eastern Italy.
I’m a science divulgator, a physicist and a Museum operator.
During the lockdown, I started embroidering old postcards and photos that I collected at flea markets and antique shops.
Looking at these photos I wander about the past of unfamiliar people and places. With thread and needle, I trie to give them a new life by adding a colour, a particular, a phrase, in a “nostalgia operation” that makes you dream.

Artist Statement

Embroidering old photos for me is a form of meditation. The choice of the image, the material with which to embroider (cotton or silk), the colors and the stitches to use are for me a special moment, pervaded by calm and emotion. Adding color to a forgotten photo makes me grateful and makes me wander, in a nostalgia for times that I have never lived.

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