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Martie Giesbrecht

About the Artist

My name is Martie Giesbrecht and even as a small child, I loved art. I particularly loved drawing and painting and my heart was and is always drawn to paint landscapes. My paintings reflect the prairies where I live in Saskatchewan, Canada.
I have taken many short-term art classes over the last 20 years and have spent countless hours practicing and improving my skills. I have shown work and won prizes at the Saskatchewan Reflections of Nature Art Show, held each year in Saskatoon. I have sold numerous works, from small to large sized art. I have also been commissioned to paint a number of landscapes and portraits for local clients. I am currently part of Gallea.ca and have had paintings chosen to be part of their shows on the website.
My work is done in acrylic paint on canvas using photos (my own or with permission) to express my vision of land and water, skies full of light and color, as a reflection of the beauty of nature.
My most recent achievement was completing a 30×48 inch painting of Lake Louise. I have only visited these mountains once and so it was a terrifying and satisfying experience to paint that scene and I am very proud of the stunning results.
My website is www.martiesartstudio.com. My Facebook page is martiesartpg and Instagram is martiegiesbrecht.

Artist Statement

As a landscape artist, I get my inspiration from the prairies where I live. The motto of Saskatchewan is “Land of Living Skies” which is perfectly suited to us! I love painting the panoramic scenes of ever-changing skies, the reflections in the lakes and rivers, as well as the fields of grain. As a farmer’s daughter, my heart is tied to the land and though I am no longer on the farm, I see that influence in my work. The ripe fields of grain, the dusty roads, the river’s edge, even the rain clouds on the horizon, all are part of of my paintings. I use the effect of contrasting colors, shadows and light to shine a spotlight on the hope and resilience found in the heart of the people who stand strong, surveying the land as the sun rises and sets on each new day.



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