Studio Visit Book Vol. 1

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Anine Estrup Poulsen

About the Artist

Anine Estrup is a young artist born in Copenhagen in 1999. Her art is characterized by a personal expression that is both recognizable and different. The female figure is often the focal point of her paintings, and with her art, she show some of the emotions and moods that can accompany being a woman in different everyday situations. Anine often works with snapshots from everyday situations, but the motifs often have a twist of something dysfunctional, surreal and confusing, that makes you want to look again.

About Artist’s Work:

Enjoy the process and the redemption it provides to express a feeling or thought I have had, through my paintings. Whether it’s sadness, boredom or empowerment – it’s all an energy that comes from me and is painted on the canvas. Whether the recipient feels the same is secondary – in the end, my art means what it means to the one who looks at it.