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Exhibiting Artists

Heather Hauptman | Dawn Stetzel | Erin Hollingshead | Lara Ann Schroeder

| Ameile Vallieres | Mara Ahmed | Nikita Solanki | Adrienne Shishko |

Piyusha Patwardhan  | Jini Lee | Sandrine Dickel |

Evelyn Morgan | Kassondra Friedman | Allison Moyers | Niculae Ruxandra |

| Natasha Muluswela  | Kaitlin Mason |

Sue Ransley | Katrina Niswander | Camille Myles  | Tara Embree |

Kamryn Shawron | Kathryn Knudsen |

Exhibition Essay

Precious, intimate & prized.
Tucked away in our heart, memories etched in our soul.
We all have something that we don’t want to let go.
Be it moments of joy or hard goodbyes.
Midnight dreams or morning greetings.
Some moments simply are too precious to be.
We all savour our bag of treasured moments.
Sometimes it’s a way to live the past & somedays a way into the future.
Sometimes, they bring the warmth & safety we need.
With, the first call of 2022 we are looking to savour these “Treasured Moments” together.

Curator's Note

A moment, an instant, a memory, a treasure held close to our heart. “Treasured Moments” is a group exhibition surrounding around themes of small and cherished moments in time. The works will take us on a journey of precious memories shared with loved ones, of times in nature and in solitude and to special places where incredible adventures took place. It will transport us and let us peek into tender moments of softness, of challenges and of pain when art becomes the healer. It will show us when those intimate experiences were reclaimed into treasured moments and invite us to embrace the magic of everyday life.

  • Celine Gabrielle, Guest Curator

Editor's Note

A big thank you for the support we have received so far.
I am truly grateful to my beautiful community for making what Arts To Hearts is today.
If you like this exhibit and what we do please don't forget to share this and help us spread the word.
It will truly mean a lot to us and help us reach a wider audience.
Until, we meet again.
Sending my best to you always x

  • Charuka Arora, Founder Arts To Hearts Project


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