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A collaboration between

Arts To Hearts Project X I Like Your Work


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Want to be a part of the exhibit?

Let's break the box with I Like your work & Arts To Hearts Project!

Get featured in an Online Exhibition hosted in collaboration with Arts to Hearts & I like your work, Guest curated by Erika B Hess, Artist & Creator of I like your work.

Additionally, selected participants will also be featured on I like your work & Arts to Hearts  Instagram.

Show your work to over 10,000 readers and followers around the world, including leading galleries, art fairs, collectors, curator’s, writers, art consultants, and more.




A facade means the face or the front of something. Just like the face of humankind, the
physical and the non physical facades we all carry all along our lives.
For some, their facades are for expression and for some it’s for protection.
Some wear them like another skin. And, some carry it with the weight of their being.
But, In-between everything their is this continuous attempt of creating something.
A surface. A story.
An experience. An experiment.
A creation.

With this call for art, We are looking to take a peek into these physical & non physical
facades of your being via art, aesthetics’s and storytelling.



About I Like Your Work

I Like Your Work is dedicated to supporting artists, creating community and providing opportunities and resources. Our podcast interviews creative people from painters and artists to collectors and curators. People who are involved in a creative lifestyle and also in building community within the arts. I Like Your Work is hosted by artist and curator Erika b Hess.



About Arts To Hearts Project

Arts to hearts project is a contemporary Arts & Community Platform dedicated to create more opportunities & visibility for women artists.Our passion is to help fellow women artists with a goal to create a welcoming community through our initiatives. We promote artists on our website, social media and connect them to multiple opportunities and gallery exhibitions. 


We dedicate the publication to a variety of artists selected by guest curators through our calls for art and artists. We regularly feature submissions and strive to promote the work from all communities, geographies, and artistic styles. Arts to Hearts Project has been featured by All SHE Makes, The Art Queens, Art Mums United, and guests in our project include Svitlana Martynjuk, Victoria Fry, Shelby McFadden, Gita Joshi and many more!


Eligibility and Requirements


We welcome all artists for the first time at Arts to Hearts from all countries and nationality to apply with works in mixed media.


• Artists will be required to send high quality photographs of your work not more than 1MB in size
• Artists must send in their Artist Bio, Artist Statement, Links to social media handles etc.


$35 for 3 images of individual artworks (non-refundable*)

*What is my fee used for?
Arts To Hearts Project is an organization run by independent artists and artists who are motivated to build a community. The application fee will fund in the organization of podcasts, running the platform, backend expenses, and bringing in curators for the show.
Once an artist is selected, they will not be required to pay any additional fees.
By applying for Call for Art, you enable us to provide opportunities and support artists, curators, writers, designers, and creators on their journey.
If you cannot afford the fee due to financial reasons, we will be happy to try to accommodate you. Kindly email us at Additionally, you are welcome to submit to our free blog as an Artist Feature. Your efforts are highly valued.


If your work is selected by our guest curator, you will be a part of an Online Exhibition hosted on and selected artists will also be featured on I Like your work’s & Arts to hearts instagram account. The Online Exhibit will include your artist biography, artist statement, website, social media handles, and two images. Published artists will be sent a complimentary digital issue and will be listed as a participating artist in your issue on Arts To Hearts Project, Newsletter and Social Media. We also promote artists individually via the blog and social media posts. All featured artists will automatically be considered for any upcoming curatorial projects, not limited to art fairs, exhibitions, and gallery projects organized by our team.

All artists will be notified of the final decision by late November 2021. If your work is selected, you will receive further information at that time


Arts To Hearts Project and I like your work reserve the right to use images of the artwork, and all the required documents on their website and social media. By submitting artwork via this call, the artist agrees to the terms outlined above. Artist retains full copyright of the work. Images will not be used by Arts To Hearts Project and Create! Magazine aside from the Exhibit, Website, Social Media accounts, and Newsletters.

Submitting artwork to the Call for art of our website requires a nonrefundable fee of $35. A submission fee does not guarantee that your work will be selected.


Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Find us on write to us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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