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Consultations For
Creative Entrepreneurs

Pennylane and David offer consultations of 60 or 30 minutes and small-group critiques. Individualized consults are an intimate one-on-one critique of artwork and goal-setting. Consultation itineraries vary depending on the artists’ needs. Topics may include: feedback and criticism, creating a body of work, developing promotional tools, approaching galleries, and identifying an audience. Small-group critiques focus on guided discussion, brief critique and guidance to groups of 8 or less. There are a variety of seminar topics based on Professional Development for Artists, see below for more.

One-One 60 Mins

This individual consultation with Charuka consists of 60 minutes of Personal branding, marketing planning & discussions., During this time she offers an initial assessment of the artist's ideas & current stage followed by a discussion and plan for the short-term future. Follow-up consults are booked every 2 - 3 months.

One-One 30 Mins

These 30 minutes “Direct-Consultations” are ideal for those who have focused questions, require immediate feedback , need strategic advice or have upcoming events that need attention. We recommend preparing a list of topics and have a clear set of expectations to make the most of your 30 minutes with Charuka in this session.

Mini Group

Mini Group Sessions are ideal for early stage creative entrepreneurs, artist collectives or groups of 4 who individually may not be ready for a one-on-one consult but share similar needs in terms of professional advisement. Through a series of pointed questions, each participant receives personal and collective critique.

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