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7 International Art Coaches & Mentoring Classes for Emerging Women Artists to Enhance their Art Practice!

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck with a creative block, lack of motivation or just want to explore a different side of your capabilities, but are too afraid to face them? I always end up in these situations which hold me back from reaching to my highest potential.


Here are 9 Artists who are Art Coaches and Mentors, to help you get out of your creative standstill, and grow into the best versions of yourselves. 

1. Victoria J. Fry’s Emerging Artist Workshops

This 2.5 hour virtual workshop is for visual artists who are at the beginning of their art careers, looking for practical advice and knowledge to get started. From art students who are ready to establish themselves in the art world, to self-taught artists and creative individuals who discovered art later on in life. The purpose of these workshops is to provide new artists with the knowledge and skills needed to build a strong foundation for their art careers. These workshops are primarily for visual artists who work in 2D or 3D (painting, drawing, mixed-media, collage, textile, or sculpture).


Each workshop is led by Victoria J. Fry. Victoria is an artist, educator, and founder of Visionary Art Collective. She holds a Master’s degree in Art Education from Maine College of Art, and a BFA from the School of Visual Arts.


Next Workshop: Registrations begin on 1st September 2021

How to Register:


2. Ekaterina Popova’s Masterclass

Ekaterina is an Artist and Creative Entrepreneur. She is the founder of Create! Magazine and The Art Queens. With her experience and expertise in the field, she is also an Art Coach. She takes various kinds of coaching and mentoring sessions. 

She is offering a FREE Masterclass next week on the topic: ‘Embody The Artist You Dream of Becoming and Attract Opportunities, Sales and Success’. 

3. Michelle Gomez


If you’re into challenging your abilities, Michelle has got you! She has a month long course to learn how to earn $8k in a month! Michelle is an Artist, Art coach and an advocate of Mental Health. She claims to help you create or grow your creative business without taking a toll on your mental health! 


Link to book a session with Michelle:


4. Anne Siems 

Anne is a Visual artist and an Art mentor. She has an experience of 25 years in the teaching field and has worked at Seattle’s Pratt Institute; in Portland, OR at Oregon College of Art and Craft;  and a few other schools. Recently, she decided to teach artists one-on-one. 


If you’re in a creative block and struggling to create art, Anne is your person! Her mentoring sessions are highly useful!

Book a session with Anne:

5. Sydney 

Sydney is an Artist, Art Therapist and an advocate for mental wellbeing based in New Jersey. She studied from Rowan University and the School of Visual Arts in New York. She has chosen a career path as a Creative Coach online to help individuals use art to manage their stressors to seek a new way of thinking in their life.   


To know more & Book a mentorship:


6.Trupti Karjinni

Trupti is an Artist and Art Coach who offers mini courses for artists. This includes 5 stages of creative growth, getting over stumbling blocks of creativity, and actionable steps for water colours! Learn how to specialise in watercolour painting for free! 


Here’s how you can access the course:


7. Esther Loopstra

Esther hosts coaching and workshop for artists to help them create with focus and purpose. She aims on getting artists to use their unique creative expression to enhance their creative practice. She offers various plans including a 6 month coaching and short term workshops! 

To know more & book your session:

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